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Life Cycle Assessment

Welcome / Bienvenue

Welcome to the Harvard/EPFL distance learning course on life cycle assessment! The purpose of this website, its multi-media educational materials, and the experiences which it facilitates, is to enable you to develop a practical and hands-on understanding of life cycle assessment (LCA).

After completing this course you should have a strong grasp of the following:

  • How is LCA done? What are the steps, methods, and sources of data?
  • What are the critical assumptions and other aspects of an LCA that shape studies at the outset, and influence the conclusions?
  • How are the voluminous results of LCAs distilled for use by decision-makers?
  • How does LCA software work?
  • How has the information provided by LCA been used in real-world cases involving business and policy decisions? How has this information been combined, with what other inputs, to influence the decisions?

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Video Introduction and Course Overview

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